User Adoption

How To Win At User Adoption

Let’s be honest: getting employees to adopt a new in-house IT system or internal technology solution can feel like pulling teeth at times. Why? Because there’s often deep-set resistance – even when the legacy platform is decaying. However, the demands of commerce,

IoT connections

Why IoT Is Driving Digital Transformation

When businesses decide to innovate, regardless of the sector or industry they operate in, one of the first things they’re often confronted by is the pace at which things are moving or evolving. Take the Internet of Things (IoT) for example. From

Security window

Staying Secure In A Digitally Transforming World

Whether your business is completely digitally transformed or on the verge of migrating IT operations to the cloud, there’s no doubt that, like many others, you’re acutely aware of the fact the security has to be paramount. However, in this brave new


Make Meetings Matter Again!

Meetings, bloody meetings! For those running them, they’re an opportunity to introduce a game-changing idea to key stakeholders, decision makers, and colleagues. For those attending them, they’re an opportunity to do something less boring – catch up with emails, message friends etc


Cascading IT Information Is Mission Critical To User Adoption

Top-down communication is championed by all modern organisations. Transparency, honesty, and openness are often core company values. When a new piece of legislation, product, or key senior hire is made, CEOs often make a concerted effort to inform the entire workforce about