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At MobilityWorks, we bridge the gap between technology and employees. We’re dedicated to supporting clients to make unique, bespoke and substantial improvements to their information technology infrastructure.

We do this by aligning culture, operations, and technology – to create smart and agile processes that optimize user adoption and foster powerful collaboration. In this way, we add value: to both employees and the company.

We approach challenges by providing simple solutions to complex processes. We perform top-down analysis; but simplify and implement from the bottom up.

With our deep knowledge of service implementation and understanding of successful user adoption, we can help businesses drive lasting, positive IT & communication change.

Our expertise

Information Technology

Our hands-on consultative approach can help you make the right digital transformation choices for your business – and create added value for you


Businesses are constantly looking to collaborate more efficiently. Usability is the starting point when designing a new product or service. We can deliver the insight needed to support your employees in the best way possible

Internet of Things

We support the implementation of Internet of Things innovations in your company – in a smart, safe and future-proof way

Mobile Workplace
We help organizations understand the complex world of mobility; giving them what they need to create a customized and inspiring work environment – one that increases employee productivity and customer satisfaction in a secure and cost-efficient way
Managed WiFi and Telephony

Managed WiFi and modern cloud telephony make work more efficient than ever. Employees must have secure, seamless, and universal access to your network. They also need to be reachable anywhere, any time, and on any device. We can help your business create optimal and secure connections that meet all of your needs

Blogs and news

The New Normal

Navigating IT Security in ‘The New Normal’

At this moment in time it’s not CIOs, CTOs, or CDOs leading digital transformation for companies across the globe: it’s the global pandemic that’s forcing so many of us to stay indoors until the risk subsides. With more people working from home than ever, everybody is adjusting to a New

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Making Sense Of Reporting

Big data and reporting go hand in hand. But there’s ‘reporting for the sake of it’ and then there’s ‘reporting that actually makes sense’. While it’s clear that most businesses want the latter kind of reporting, how can they make sure that they get the data they need from their

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An animated business man standing in the middle of a crossroad thinking which way to go

The Evolving Role of the CIO

Technology doesn’t sit still. Neither does its impact on modern businesses as they continually re-evaluate their corporate strategies in line with the efficiencies, capabilities, and cost savings offered by digital transformation. As you’d expect, these developments have a massive effect on a company’s IT director – the Chief Information Officer

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Customer reviews

Denis Rollka
Denis RollkaData Processing
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"Bart is very competent person, who is always trying to optimize processes from scratch in a meaningful way. He is questioning standards and is trying to re-define them in a completely new way to make them efficient and useful. His approach is to harmonize, standardize and simplify them."
Howard Hutchings
Howard HutchingsCIO
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"Bart was responsible for managing telco and related projects, and for managing global contracts with various ICT providers worldwide. I found Bart to be one of the best managers to have reported to me. His knowledge of IT is excellent. He is driven, process focused, and goal oriented."
Ingo Gajewski
Ingo GajewskiManager Telecommunications
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"Bart is one of the best telecoms managers I’ve worked together. He shows responsibility, is very efficient and strongly goal oriented. He shows a very clear focus on customer needs and develops fast, elegant and cost-effective solutions."
Mike Bruchmann
Mike BruchmannLean Engineer
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"His passion, dedication and professionalism in any activity did motivate me to startup my own company. The customer literally comes at the first place for him and he has a fair but very informed opinion."
Marco Spoel
Marco SpoelManaging Director
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"Bart is a very service oriented Telecom and Unified Communication specialist. I can recommend hiring Bart in any corporate multinational environment with regulated processes and clear governance. Bart has recommended and carried out changes in order to reduce the TCO and to optimise the quality of the end-to-end services."
Andreas Balmes
Andreas BalmesKey Account Manager
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"Vor allen Dingen die Softskills wie Vertrauen, Zuverlässigkeit, Ehrlichkeit und Menschlichkeit muss man hier hervor heben. Zu den Softskills sind aber auch sehr guten fachlichen Punkte in den Bereichen Kommunikation- und Netzwerktechnik zu nennen. Dies sind auch heute noch wichtige Faktoren um Projekte termingerecht und erfolgreich abzuschließen."
Lars Mahnke
Lars Mahnke IT Procurement Lead
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"Bart has been a great support in rolling out and managing our international mobile strategy. He always tries to challenge existing patterns in order to improve and become more efficient. What makes him such a great asset to have on a team is that he combines his extensive technical knowledge with commercial acumen."
Irene Clapham
Irene Clapham International Event Owner
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"He is quick to grasp what is required, will make it his job to research solutions and make great recommendations. Who keeps in touch and follows up even after the project is finished. Who clients like, for his vast market knowledge, professionalism, and helpful, attitude, is at ease building long term relationships while making sure to boost the company profits."
Katrina Arnold
Katrina ArnoldBusiness Relationship Manager
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"You’ve done it again, another extremely satisfied customer - it is wonderful to hear, especially as IT doesn’t always have the best reputation! Thank you so much for all of your hard work with the Unified Communication Project, your attention to detail and dedication to delivering a good service to the business has paid off immensely."
Björn Heisterkamp
Björn HeisterkampManaging Director
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"Bart masters skills of bringing together multiple dependent parties and let them work together coherently. This is much needed when adopting new technologies and business strategies from a variety of origins."
Martin van Heukelum
Martin van Heukelum Director
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"Bart has taught me a lot about processes, procedures and enterprise communication skills. Bart is an expert when it comes to these skills and moreover, a great person to work with. If Bart is part of your project team, you are sure it will succeed!"
Jason Milsom
Jason MilsomElectrical Engineer
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"Quick solutions to problems, quick delivery of the overall project, and no complaints from end users. That’s an achievement. Well done."
Kristof Langsberg
Kristof LangsbergChief Financial Officer
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Voor ons nieuwe kantoor vonden wij in MobilityWorks onze IT-partner die onze IT omgeving voor de komende jaren op punt heeft gezet met o.a. videoconferencing en touch display om online samenwerking in goede banen te leiden. Uiteindelijk meer gekregen dan gevraagd!

Digital Transformation

The technology-driven world around us moves at the speed of light. Complexity increases in line with the vast amount of data we work with daily. In the communications field, we see companies struggling to stay on track with ever-increasing demands – from employees and customers – adopting new technical solutions, and maintaining a competitive edge. While it’s clear existing approaches need to be adjusted, complexity and a lack of familiarity create unnecessary roadblocks for companies on their path to digital transformation.

Although modern technology solutions are critical for every company, IT’s approach is often top-down – delivery focused. User adoption is often forgotten. Improvements made in one department don’t match with improvements made elsewhere. Employees and teams can end up working in company ‘siloes’ ; lost in their day-to-day issues, not focusing on the long term.

We help you with your digital transformation and customize it to your business.


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