Frustration…Create Your Own Human Firewall



We have been working from home for a long time, and it will continue to do so for a while. Whether this is positive or negative is different for everyone.

What is the same for many people is the frustration of using all the functionalities of Microsoft 365 and the security breaches announced in the press. At the office you can quickly ask your colleague to help when you get stuck or want to find the right settings, but at home you are practically on your own and you do not always dare to call someone for help. A wrong click is quickly made!

Microsoft 365 is well built and we can do a lot with it. But some companies have had to switch so quickly that no or minimal training has been provided. Such training courses are expensive and in many cases, the staff do not follow them because they are not obligatory, although usability and security is nowadays very important.

So we thought: what if we could make a “Netflix” of instructional videos available, where subscribers pay a monthly fee and can watch over 450 short instructional videos. A short and very focused watch, maximum 5 minutes, so they can quickly get back to their work, but also for the real binge watchers who want to watch the whole series at once at any time and on any device, whether it is in the train, bus, garden…or even the toilet….

In cooperation with our partner, we offer such a platform, with over 10.000 subscribers already.

Interested? Just book your free online demo to view yourself. In the meantime, why not just check-out some short videos yourself.


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