How WiFi Can Work Wonders For Your Business


The proliferation of connected devices, combined with a need to be ‘always-on’, has meant that data consumption has gone sky high in recent years.

While WiFi has evolved sufficiently to meet these demands, often the access points – the devices used to deploy wireless signals – are unable to match its reach and power.

For companies committed to digital transformation – including the Internet Of Things – this can have a detrimental effect on progress, productivity, and accuracy.

Here are some key issues to be aware of, and some thoughts on what businesses can do to make the most of what WiFi has to offer.

Ensure Your Hardware Makes The Grade

WiFi 6 was introduced in September 2019. Offering a top speed of up to 10GB per second, it’s a far cry from the 2MB per second available back in 1997.

While WiFi 6 comes with lots of unique features, essentially this technology gives a larger number of users a better connection, provides more coverage, reduces power usage for connected devices (wake-communicate-sleep), and offers broader network capacity overall.

Great news for everyone right? Well, yes – if your business has just invested in a suite of new devices that are WiFi 6-ready.

Considering the number of connected devices companies use – from laptops to IoT devices (e.g. sensors) – it’s clear that optimum WiFi performance has a huge bearing on employee capability. However, lots of companies still rely on access points that – while operational – are unable to match the required speed or performance

If you’ve had the same hardware for some time, an all-out overhaul could be long overdue. But optimising your network doesn’t necessarily require such a dramatic move.

Prioritise Regular Maintenance

While having all the latest tech – such as the new iPhone 11 or Galaxy Note 10, and the latest WiFi 6 certified Access Points – will automatically connect to WiFi 6; unless you’ve got some investment or money set aside for an upgrade, the expense can be significant.

But it’s not an all-or-nothing deal. WiFi is not a one-time install-and-forget operation. To run smoothly, your network needs regular maintenance – updates, adjusted settings for increased security, capacity and coverage checks.

Often old cabling need to be updated as new WiFi signals are more sensitive to interference.

This can be as simple as adding or reducing the number of access points you have.

Sometimes repositioning them can make the world of difference. If they’re too close together or not set up to enable roaming, there can be significant gaps in coverage, where signals overlap or don’t quite reach certain areas.

Work With A Trusted IT Mobility Partner

It’s one thing knowing that you need the right wireless solution to help your business thrive; but quite another to get the necessary hardware and software right. That’s why – if your IT department doesn’t have the experience, or your company relies on partner services – working with an experienced consultant can help you get your tech stack in order.

At MobilityWorks we can provide a desktop or onsite review of your current wireless situation and provide a detailed report with recommended actions and costs. We also offer a fully-managed WiFi service; equipping your business with the capability it needs in line with the number of connected devices it needs to support.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) increases and a wider range of devices rely on connectivity to function; the greater the need for fast, efficient WiFi and/or mobile 5G. While not every device can be configured to work with WiFi 6, it’s still important to do everything possible to enhance the infrastructure you already have in place.

The right tools are available. What’s important is finding a wireless solution that fits your business needs.

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